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08 December 2009 @ 02:23 pm
On the twelfth day of Christmas, Curtusky sent to me...
Twelve angelic furballs drumming
Eleven news piping
Ten tricksters a-leaping
Nine zombies dancing
Eight bonbons a-milking
Seven furfurs a-swimming
Six runes a-laying
Five bi-i-i-ig hats
Four washing kobolds
Three flying cats
Two luke danes
...and an aaa in a coffee.
Get your own Twelve Days:

angelic furball, bonbons AND furfurs. + tricksters and big hats and washing kobolds. So flipping Suikoden-y. Did I do a post on why I love suikoden and not remember? DUH, interests.
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28 October 2009 @ 04:56 pm
Coffeeheehee is done.
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28 October 2009 @ 04:19 pm

I'm hibernating. Have been for the past two years, it seems.
maybe it'll end soon....

why is it so easy for thoughts to come at night, while lying in bed. I could think up an long and heartfelt post/email/rant but the next day when I'm sitting here, in front of the monitor, the words don't flow as easily.

I don't remember falling asleep last night, but I'm glad I did. 'Cause my mind was going a mile a minute. I seriously need to start popping in some Suiko or Lunar tunes, setting my boombox to 'sleep' and let the music lull ME to sleep. It's worked before...

Why is SHINee's choreography so hard for me. D: I wanna dance like SHINee! I guess I need to try harder. Put videos on full-screen step back...like a lot of steps and try to follow along. Girls' Generation's steps are easy to follow, but I don't want to dance like a girl =D Well not in front of people anyway ;D

Speaking of SHINee. Onew singin some Bee Gee's, hell yeah~
DEY was at that there SHIM SHIM TAPA. Sang YOU and RING DING DONG too. Entertaining! Onew was being a crackhead. At one point he like froze, then put on his best creeper face, smiled, and went back to being Good Ol' Onew. SO WHACK DIGGITY.

I need coffee.

simple times of hugs and coffee, fries, shakes, town meeting lectures.
I see you need love, well so do I
I've got adventures with happy endings that will
keep you with Lorelai, because I know how hard it is to live without.

awesome song. Well, I'm sure any song about Gilmore Girls would be awesome.
Ah~ another song I'd like to hear Onew sing :3
along with 'Highway to Hell' and 'Man! I Feel Like a Woman'

oh right...coffee. shoot.

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20 October 2009 @ 03:00 pm

Not feel like posting. lmao.

ANYWAYS. I hadn't had internet or cable for SIX days. but it wasn't that bad.

I'm so sick of people screwing my mom over. As if she hasn't gone through enough in her life. UGH. PEOPLE, I hate you and your assholeishness. go away,



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10 October 2009 @ 01:35 am

aww cute tiny squirrel running by the windows~

oh right...

I'm a hot mess.
someone get a mop and bucket o:

stupid video games. distracting me. from the important stuff.
and stupid me. not able to fall asleep. at the drop of a hat.
and not wanting to try. even though there's nothing worth doing at 2am.
and stupid itchy face.

I'm off to play Final Fantasy IX now. BYES! >:D

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01 October 2009 @ 03:53 pm

don't you tell me what I should and shouldn't do
'cause you know I won't listen to a word you say
well, somehow you think you've got all the answers for me
but, I say no-oh oh-oh oh-oh

why you lookin' down on me like you know it all
well, you think you're so above me, let me tell you one thing
if you stop your abridging of me you'll know just what I say
why don't you go-oh oh-oh oh-oh

(oh oh oh)
why still talkin'?
(oh oh oh)
cause I ain't listenin'
(oh oh oh)
no, I don't get you
(oh oh oh)

tell me that you like me just the way I am
but then say that I should drink less, maybe lose a few pounds
well, I don't give a shit what you think of me
why don't you shut the fuck up, right now

(oh oh oh)
no, don't you tell me
(oh oh oh)
cause I ain't your girl
(oh oh oh)
oh, you don't get it
(no oh oh)

oh oh oh oh ho oh
you better not be telling me what to do
oh oh oh oh ho oh
you're only wasting time so go away

don't think I'll agree with everything you say
just saying 'yes' became easier than letting you down
but I'm sick of being someone else to please you, so
being a good girl is so over

(oh oh oh)
oh, don't control me
(oh oh oh)
cause I'm no angel
(oh oh oh)
well, do you get me?
(oh oh oh)

oh oh oh oh oh oh
don't let anybody get in your way
oh oh oh oh oh oh
you gotta let it out, just do it your way

if you feel it, you just say it
gotta hold up if you wanna make it
don't stop, faith will take you
keep on walking
when you feel the weight on your shoulders
let it make you even stronger
remember, live this moment
keep on aiming higher

oh oh oh oh oh oh
don't let anybody get in your way
oh oh oh oh oh oh
you gotta let it out, just do it your way

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30 September 2009 @ 03:53 pm
Music: MiChi - You Gotta Be | Powered by Last.fm
18 August 2009 @ 04:06 pm




there's random~ness added to my interests too. SO CHECKDATOUT2YO. Mostly references of Suikoden and Gilmore Girls. hellz to the yea.

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18 August 2009 @ 02:09 pm

VIDEO GAME MUSIC IS ALL I LISTEN TO. Got problemz with that? Take it up with Miki Higashino. I want to see her pop you in your lip. :D

Anyway. Money problem: solved
woo. That was fun experience....but it's been okay for like a week or two now...lmao.

Self-centered Curtu did not call his friend on her birthday because he really really dislikes phones, even tho this friend called Curtu on Curtu's birthday and even sent a card with $20. So liiiiiike is this why Curtu doesn't have any friends? XD

next thought:
I want to play Suikoden....ugh

Mom rearranged the living room furniture today. BY HERSELF.

....okay, see this is why I don't use twitter.  I'm not very good at expressing complete thoughts, especially when I've not had coffee. 8D

Ending this failtastic post here.

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28 July 2009 @ 03:50 pm
to disown the human race, cause they SUCK!majorly. BUT whatever, I feel a little better, I mean things are under control. We have a plan. BUT STILL IT SUCKS. money is an important important thing. BAH!

[2009.7.28] wow this post is like a week in the making.
'restore from saved draft?'
"say what? -clicks 'yes'-
ohhhhh. ha..ha..grr."

I'm not even gonna explain it.

LUNAR~~~~I've been ripping enemy sprites from the two PSX games. FUN STUFF, cause I have to play them over to intiate battles in each area~
"I'll take care of this!"
"Althena! Lend me your power!"
"By the power of Althena..."
"Lady Luck Be Kind."
"You go girl!"
okay, I can't remember much more. =3

-I like Break Down, I like Nanchatte Renai, I like...oh right, there's nothing else.

-what's this milk club nonsense? If it's true SM needs to seriously check themselves. When your artists form a club for depressed souls and faint from exhaustion, It's definitely time to let up a little. People need SLEEP and FOOD.

I went to my Aunt's last weekend. Got myself a little tan, went swimming, went to my first bar, it was good fun. Well the bar was kind of boring actually...I had ice water like the good underaged boy I am. =D
Now it's back to faily game making and faily mom watching. -sigh-

wow that's it? my life is boring. heh.

-animated battlers = win.
-why do I need to see ads of weight loss crap? get lost plz
-the use of "Well, THAT just happened." need to stop. Please and Thank you.
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